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The Dolls House Essay

  • Submitted by: zozo1994
  • on June 3, 2012
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The Dolls House Essay

A Doll's House by Henrik Ibsen is a meaningful play. It clearly portrays the gender roles that happened to be societies norms back in the Victorian era. Women were expected to behave and look a certain way in order to please the man. They were mostly judged on their aesthetic beauty. Personality did not matter too much for the men back then. The play quickly shows a significant transformation in Nora's character from a submissive wife to an independent woman. There are a series of incidents and examples that show how Nora transforms from a subservient housewife to an independent and knowledgeable woman. At the start of the play, she is portrayed as the ideal wife being submissive to Torvald. Her transformation begins when she meets Christine Linde, an independent widow looking for work. Finally at the end of the play, Nora's senses and knowledge are seemingly clear allowing her to escape the abusive relationship. But before that takes place, Nora is looked upon as a toy, a house décor .
Nora is yet to experience a revolution in order for her to become independent. At the beginning of the play she acts as the ideal wife obeying all of Torvald's orders while at the same time getting verbally abused by him. She is basically seen as a child, which she does gets referred to by a couple of people several times in the play. In the first couple of pages, Nora and Torvald converse with one another in their home. Torvald suspects that Nora has been indulging in macaroons. After he is finished interrogating her, she reassures him "I should not think of going against your wishes."   Torvald does not appreciate her eating macaroons because it can ruin her aesthetic beauty. It is noticeable how much Torvald cares about her appearance. This only means that when Nora grows out of her good looks, Torvald will not appreciate her as much as he does now. The macaroons symbolize Nora's little freedom by not being able to enjoy sweets without the granted...

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