The Doll House Essay

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In the world of the adults and children everybody seems to be happy with the way things are, or so it seems. When in reality there are two little girls who are left out of a lot of things and another little girl who wants to break the rules even though she knows it’s unacceptable and an aunt who is bit of a hypocrite. The children don’t even have a chance they are brought up in a way to judge people on their appearance. They do not get to try and know the people who are maybe a little different they are told what to think of them. The children are taught to shun those who are of a lower class then themselves. Keizer although she is one of the Brunel children and she can have whatever she wants she is different from her other siblings and way different from her aunt. Although she was brought up the same way as her siblings she treats her peers differently than her older sister. When she receives the doll house she is just as excited as her siblings but she sees things differently than her peers. She is the black sheep of the family. She sees the simple beauty in things and cannot understand why the other children have to be so cruel to the Kelveys her sisters see everything just as they are. Kezia sees the lamp although there are many other beautiful things in the house she sees the small details in the lamp its uniqueness it’s so simple and yet so beautiful she sees past the obvious. She is not as superficial as the others. When she know she is not allowed to have the Kelvey children over and she sees them passing by she invites them other although she know that they could all get in trouble if they were caught. Aunt Beryl is the complete opposite of Kezia. She judges books by their cover she doesn’t want to get to know the Kelveys she just labels them like everyone else. She sees the doll’s house as an object. There is nothing beautiful underneath the cover. The

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