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The Doctor And The Little Girl Essay

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  • on October 9, 2010
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Sick children can be difficult for physicians who treat them. In “The Use of Force” written by William Carlos Williams, a doctor makes a house-call. Both the doctor and the patient have initial problems.
      The doctor’s first initial problem is the little girl because she is his patient. She has been sick for three days, so he needs to figure out is she all right or not? Because they are strangers to each other and she does not cooperate with him during the examination, the second problem comes out.
      His second problem is he loses his professionalism by getting frustrated, so the examination ends up in a violent way. Ironically he is supposed to cure her, but he ends up hurting her.
      The little girl’s initial problem is her sickness. Because she has had been sick for three days and she hides it. Her parents pay the doctor for a house-call. Because of that it lead into a second problem
      He is a stranger to her and she may not see a doctor before. The way he treats her makes her feel uncomfortable and frightened, so instead of being person who helps her, he becomes her enemy. Because of that, he is her second problem.
      Sick children can be difficult for physicians who treat them because they don’t trust each other, they don’t know to deal with each other, and they can be each other’s problem. Sometimes a small problem can leads into a second, or even more problems. The ways a person handles some things, can result into a different endings.

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