The Doctor Essay

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Empathy is the capability to share another being's emotions and feelings. After watching the movie, “The Doctor”, I felt so strongly about how to empathize with patients. Dr. Jack McKee is a very successful and arrogant heart surgeon. He has no problems until he is diagnosed with throat cancer. This film only verifies that doctors are the worst patients, because they already know what is to come. Thus showing fear but hiding their true emotions by being arrogant. Being a nurse entails a lot of courage and strength to empathize with your patients. You have to put yourself in the shoes of others to be able to understand exactly what they are going through. Excellent nurses should treat their patients with the utmost compassion and empathy. Patient's comfort should be of a great concern. And the most important trait of an excellent nurse is to become very patient. Patience indeed is a virtue. It was shown in the film that even though Dr. McKee was yelling at the nurse because he was very arrogant, the nurse kept her composure and maintained professionalism. Nurses' traits are amazing such as being very patient with abusive behavior of difficult patients. Giving unbiased care to different kinds of patients is the most important insight I have gained from this film. Even if Dr. McKee is very rich and successful, it does not give him any right to belittle all the nurses and other employees in the hospital. Everyone is equal and should be given excellent care. The film showed that with proper communication, leadership and service, nurses can serve all patients with excellence resulting to great comfort that is beneficial to the patients. There is more to being a nurse than job stability and rewarding benefits. Seeing this movie helped me redefine why I wanted to become an excellent nurse. “The Doctor” is very touching and made me realize that there are people that

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