The Docks (Descriptive)

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The Docks Walking down the slick docks, laden with a sail twice my own height, I can see the lines of docked boats. Hauled up on a dock with no sails, centerboards, or rudders; the boats would almost look abandoned if not for the twenty others in line next to them. The docks creak as I try not to slip. At the end of the dock waits a small motorboat . Fourteen feet long and about three people wide. The motorboat boasts a small outboard engine that despite its size, actually has a strong kick to it. Coasting through the docks, the smell of the harbor emanates up from the water. A mix of oil, seawater, and fish that shocked the nose but was sort of comforting. The motorboat shudders as the engine cuts out and the hull comes up against the dock. Stepping out onto the docks my crewman hands up the end of the sail. Coated in a slime from years out in the water, trying to keep your balance feels like walking on wet ice. After a bit of struggle the sail is up with me and my crewman makes his way up onto the docks. Our boat is a couple boats down from us on the floating dock. We each grab an end of the sail and steady ourselves before moving towards our boat. The dock is not quite as wide as the boats are long so the bows of each boat protrudes over the edge of the dock. This makes us have to either climb over them or shimmy around them while hanging our selves over the water. Now it is not the hardest thing to do, but with a unwieldy sail between us and slime underfoot it suddenly becomes a precarious situation to not fall into the water. After a few cautious crossings we make it to our boat. A fourteen foot long boat with a single mainsail and jib. To be manned by just two; one controlling the main sail and tiller, and the other operating the jib sail. It is a small and nimble boat. The hull slopes outward from a point at the bow to a squared off stern. Made of white
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