The Diviners - Margaret Laurence Essay

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THE DIVINERS – MARGARET LAURENCE This is the story of an independent woman who refuses to abandon his search for love. For Morag Gunn, grown in a small town in the Canadian Prairie it is a hardening process - put distance between itself and a world that wanted no part of it. Again and again, Morag is forced to test their strength against the world. Morag Gunn begins life as an orphan, and spends his life looking for a place to belong to establish their own sense of identity. Morag Gunn is orphaned when he was a baby, and raised in a small town on the prairie in Canada for the poor family friends. She experiences ostracism at an early age because of their socioeconomic status, and spend time at the local landfill ("reasons of nuisance") with her adoptive father Christie, who is the man in the city of garbage. Also strikes up an uneasy relationship with another outcast child, Jules Tonnere, Metis resident of the city. Despite his rough beginnings, Morag's smart, and she goes to college, where he began to learn the craft of being a writer. She falls in love with one of his teachers, more well-established man and marries him. Their results Morag marriage sublimate their own goals and desires to her husband in his quest to fit as a scholar wife. As expected, she finally rebels against that kind of control, and uses a casual meeting with Jules leave her husband. Jules and Morag begin a passionate sexual relationship leads to the conception of her daughter, Pique. Morag raised her as a single parent, as nomadic Jules appears in and out of their lives in recent years. Morag still writing, and is able to support herself and Pique with him. Eventually he moved to a quiet house on a riverbank, as Pique out into the world to carve out their own space in adulthood. Jules hard life as a traveling musician catches up with him and he dies after saying

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