The Divine Secrets Of The Ya-Ya Sisterhood Analysis

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Tegan Robinett June 8, 2008 English, Period 2 The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood Throughout life people often encounter obstacles that seem too difficult to overcome, whether it regard family or just planning an important party. Each time one is able to overcome an obstacle that arises in life, one learns from that experience and uses the knowledge attained for future reference. When in an argument or some form of disagreement with another, one must be the forgiving party and accept the apology given by the opposite party. This allows them to learn from the situation and move on with their lives. Relationships within one’s family can be difficult at times, especially though, one between a mother and daughter. Rebecca Wells’ Divine…show more content…
So many stories in the Ya-Ya clan. When the Petites Ya-Yas – minus the Walker kids – showed up en masse at a performance of Women on the Cusp, I felt like I’d been granted a partial reprieve from my status of orphan. Even thought Mama’s anger prevented the Ya-Yas themselves from seeing the play, the Petites Ya-Yas came. Somehow they even managed to check Genny out of McClean in Boston long enough to come. Mama’s Scrapbook is filled not only with her life and the lives of the Ya-Yas, but inevitably overflows into the next generation. We were a communal tribe, a little primitive matriarchal village. Especially during those summer days at Spring Creek, when the men stayed in town and worked all week, coming out only to visit on the weekends.” (Rebecca Wells,…show more content…
This shows how even though they might not agree with Vivi on her decision to disown her daughter and though they may not agree with Sidda, they are still supportive in their own way. In their unceasing forgiveness of others’ wrong decisions, the Ya-Ya sisters are able to develop and grow into even more loving individuals and discover new aspects of their friendship continually. Also, despite the fact that all of the Ya-Yas help Sidda in her time of need, Caro provides special insight that only she can give. She and Sidda discuss the reason that Vivi went away from her family. Sidda believes that she drover her mother away, but Caro reassures her that there were other, more complex things present in her life at that time to cause her to leave. She says to Sidda, “She didn’t go away because of you. Life is more complex than that. There’s a lot more than you’re going to find in a scrapbook. Now go and so something sweet for yourself…” (Rebecca Wells, 174) In making Sidda realize that she was not the cause for her mother’s leaving, Caro allows Siddalee to forgive herself and not take the blame for her mother’s actions. In forgiving herself, she develops as an individual as well as in her relationship with Caro and her

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