“The Diversity Imperative” By Amara Phillip

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English 1301 02/02/12 Summary Response Essay “The Diversity Imperative” by Amara Phillip The article “The Diversity Imperative” written by Amara Phillip is a discussion of two Supreme Court cases, Grutter v. Bollinger and Gratz v. Bollinger, which advocates the affirmative action and removes the racial discrimination in college entrance and unconstitutional admission policies. According to Phillip, the case was sued by white applicants from the University of Michigan demanding that they were denied the entrance because of their race. The results from this events created more methods of recruiting students into universities, one of this methods is the automatic admission to 10 percent students and the “socio economic model” ,which gives the low income and the working class students of all races a more desirable college entrance. On the other hand, these cases had provoked conflicts in many states; they want to prohibit public colleges from using race preferences and hold to what they call an “informal” point system. With this in mind, a holistic system began to be the new process of admission to college and larger universities, like UCLA, makes race a major factor for admissions. As the article continues, the author tries to summarize the diversity of techniques that institutions can choose in the admission process under the boundaries of the law, and concludes with a strong belief that Grutter v. Bollinger case provides a strong affirmative action. In the article, Phillip does show how college admissions officers continue to support affirmative action policies. She does make clear that all officers supply different arguments in support for affirmative actions, such as new recruiting process, and gives negative ideas about racial preferences in college admissions. However, the admission officers also explain the difficulties for these new recruiting processes,

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