The Diverse Nature of Psychology Essay

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The Diverse Nature of Psychology PSY/490 March 9, 2014 Barry Brooks PhD The Diverse Nature of Psychology There are 54 different divisions within the American Psychological Association. Each addresses the diversity and perspectives in psychology relating to human interaction (Plante, 2011). Psychology has a broad of disciplines of science when studying human interactions. In psychology the psychological sciences has certain distinctions studying perspectives, perceptions and individuality. The diversity in psychology can influences major concepts to human behavior. The ability within psychology can circumscribe individuals because of the diverse nature. Influence of Diversity and Major Concepts Diversity has an impact on major concepts within psychology. The psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral, and humanistic perspectives give different knowledge on human behavior, with each providing an answer and or theory to challenges in psychology. The major concepts within psychology can provide answers to human behavior cognitively, socially, and spiritually. The variety within these different perspectives shows the diverse nature within populations. Each individual will have a different perspective; therefore psychologists will look at every area of psychology different. These major concepts help psychologists define human behavior from his or her theories that are in one specific perspective within psychology. The diverse thinking can give a wide range of thinking, however it can also limit for one to have a particular area to focus on. The diversity does provide benefits in psychology, but it does lack the unity within. Other sciences however are able to connect other theories. The soft nature of psychology gives other scientists or researchers reason to discuss the workings of psychology. This is because there are many different theories that

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