The Distraction of Single Sex Schooling Essay

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What would an all-girls’ school be like? Single sex schools are more rare than coeducational schools, so students taught in coed schools may think about this question once in a while. But is there a reason that single sex schools aren’t as common as coed? Many professionals have argued in favor of single sex schooling to reduce distraction and better address learner dispositions. Although single sex education does have advantages, there are good arguments on the other side. Coeducation mirrors adult life, doesn’t promote gender segregation, and promotes a better learning environment. Although single sex education may be a credible option to certain professionals, coeducation offers more diversity and a more stimulating way of schooling to both boys and girls. Many coeducation opponents have stated that single sex schools offer a better learning environment for boys and girls separately because of the amount of distractions present in the classroom. Nonetheless, a single sex education does not mirror the adult world. Education should be parallel to the world that you will graduate into, and as we live in a coed world, education should be the same. When children are educated in a coed society, they develop important skills that they will need once they finish with their schooling. According to Althouse: The Case Against Single Sex Schooling, single sex education prevents students from developing the social skills that they need later in life. What is more, the fact that boys and girls learn differently is not supported by scientific evidence. If students of both genders aren’t exposed to each other during their education, they won’t know how to deal with each other when they need it most. Single sex supporters also argue that students educated along with the other gender may become more interested in the opinions of the opposite gender than

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