The Dispossessed Essay

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The Dispossessed By William Deresiewicz William Deresiewicz identifies the American classes as “upper”, “middle” and “working” class. I believe he uses working class instead of lower class because the term working class is used very often in the media, it’s more common. Also lower class to me is a more derogatory term and working class is more “politically” correct. I also think he is using the term working instead of lower so he doesn’t offend anybody. When I hear someone say “lower class” I think of someone very poor and struggling with life, bills, and living situation. When I think of ‘working class” I think of someone working towards something. Working for themselves or someone else, such as their family and having a good job where they feel comfortable with their lives. I think “working” class is a somewhat good term to use for the third class in Americas society but I think it confuses people. I think that there should be four classes. Upper; the very wealthy, middle; the “well to do”, the working; comfortable in life and lower class; lack of education and poverty. I think it’s less confusing. Working class is such a large category. In the Dispossessed by William Deresiewicz, he argues that a lot of Americans go by three social classes, the upper, the middle and the poor but he asks what about the in-between people, the workers that are not middle and not poor so I think we need to have that fourth class so if we are going to have classes in this society then people won’t be confused and put people where they shouldn’t. There are many ways to class people. People put other people in classes without even realizing it. When you meet someone you automatically put them in a few classes, into an attractive class; are they good looking, average or ugly to them. They put them in a class of appearance, dressed well or dressed badly, are they fashionable?
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