The Discourse of Camping in the Desert of My Country

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ENG 1020 7/16/2012 The Discourse of Camping in the Desert of My Country “The camp/tents were built by my own workers.” “I am a man of means.” “I am a wolf itself (thebaan).” Almost everyone who lives in Saudi Arabia and likes to spend most of his time in the desert, likes to use these words to show to others how Rich, wise, and brave he is; as matter of fact, all the three quotations above consider as practices. Most of Saudi men like to be called by these nicknames because they make other people respect them a lot. Each member in this community shares the same interests, language, and lifestyle. Also every member is able to understand and analyse the particular discourse in this community. People outside this community may find difficulty to read and understand the meaning beyond these words that belong to this community such as Facebook community or traveling community although the desert community is around and close to those people who don’t belong to it. However, why do these people find difficulty understanding this community? Why is the communication in this community so important? Why people from other communities can’t be involved with this community? Most of other communities should understand the life and communication of the desert community and stop judging or stereotyping by its cover. Being out of any communities is so hard to understand what is happening inside it. This community that I belong to nobody can understand except people who practice or do it every time they go camping because of its own
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