The Disappearance Of Aliens In America

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What if aliens came to Earth and enslaved all humans I remembered vividly on that day, where the sky was overridden by a myriad of colossal obscure circles, as if the firmament was opening and falling apart. That was the day when Earth changed and a new race was introduced. The American government first announced that the ‘things’ came here to destroy Earth, trying to convince us to support them, so whether or not the aliens came here with good intentions or not, the Americans military will certainly strike first. So America and its following nations sent fighter jets, bombers and other aircrafts to try and destroy the obscure circles, but soon as the aircrafts went near the UFOs’ all power was cut out and the planes just disintegrated…show more content…
First, a beam of light shot down from the biggest UFO, and from the sky descended two ‘humans’, which was what the Earth thought of first. The aliens could speak the same language like us and were very much alike, the only difference that they came from a place we do not know. The American government was very afraid, because the aliens’ technology was far more inferior to those from the earth, so America tried making friends with the two aliens, by offering them gifts and discussing about peace amongst the two race. The two races signed a peace treaty eventually, and the aliens said they just come in peace. But not for long, more and more ‘humans’ came down from the sky and started blending in with us, till we could no longer tell the difference between real humans and the outsiders. Then suddenly one day, something extraordinary happened, I was watching TV and suddenly a news flash came out saying: “All aliens, we are your friends, the humans, finally we have enough energy to recreate a new planet for our kind, and you will help use make it.” As soon as the message was delivered, I loss consciousness and the last thing I remembered was myself lying on the carpet

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