The Dilemma Essay

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The Dilemma The Dilemma Discussing the dilemma of the married couple who had their child taken by a court order and placed in a foster home due to their addictions to drugs, I will use the Deontological theories (rules based) and Consequentialist theories (ends based) of the Three Primary Schools of Ethics. The Care-Based theory would also be important in this dilemma, but standards should be set by the law to bring the family back together. The married couple’s infant daughter was taken because of the both had a drug addiction. The court ordered the request and she was placed in a foster home. The court removed the child because the living environment was dangerous. The parents could not care for the child properly. Since the court is involved, rules have to be followed. The foster home also has rules to follow by the court to have children in his or her home. The daughter remained in the care of her foster parents for about 9 years. Her foster parents were now considered as her real parent in her eyes. I can image the love the foster had given her. Both foster parents became to realize the love shared with her was as if she was their own daughter. As the years passed the natural parents were in rehabilitation getting their life together to regain custody of their daughter. When a child is removed from the home of parents who use drugs by the courts the end resolute it to unite the family together again when the natural parents has followed the rules of the court. The natural parents went for rehabilitation. I believe the court verified the parents were capable to care for their child. The child would not be given back to the natural parents immediately until the court order were completed. A process is taken to ensure the daughters safety. The law always considered what is best for the child. As a foster parent I believe that he or she should always

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