The Different &Amp;Amp;Amp;Quot;Englishes&Amp;Amp;Amp;Quot; We Use In Everyday Life

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Write an essay that classifies the different “Englishes” that people use in everyday life, at home, work, school, and elsewhere. The appropriate usage of language is important, influential, and powerful and can vary based on a person’s environment, education, comfort level, cultural/social background and/or how they were raised. The various ways that language is used and interpreted is very important. Language is powerful because it can control any situation, opportunity, problem or solution. It can define who you are to others. Growing up I learned that it is not what you say; it is how you say it. It is important to determine the appropriate use of language (“Englishes”) based on a specific environment or situation. Many people make judgments on others based on language used during dialogue with one another. This can cause people to be profiled totally different than they actually are. In some cases it is appropriate to use slang with friends but it is important to realize the settings in which it is inappropriate. There is also the concept of Ebonics, which is often directly linked to the African-American community. Historically, Ebonics has been referred to by the name of Black English and is a way of communicating used primarily by African Americans. Many people use slang or Ebonics on a regular basis, but there may be serious consequences for some. Those who are highly literate are not likely to be affected by their slang, because they know when it is appropriate to be used. However, those who struggle with reading and writing may experience some negative effects of slang and Ebonics. There are many ways in which language can vary among homes and communities. Teaching is no different; there are many different variations used in the educational environment. These variations often include socio-cultural factors. This means that they are found as
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