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The Differences Between High School And College Essay

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  • on June 20, 2011
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The Differences Between High School and College
High school and college have many differences. There are obvious differences and then there are differences that are not very distinct. These differences can include class work, attendance policy, the attitude of the other students, and the overall structure. There are many more differences, but these four are the most important.
In high school a student can turn assignments in late as long as there is a good excuse. If their teacher asked for a paper that was due all they would have to say was “My dog ate it”. The teacher would then let the student turn in the assignment the next day. There are also more quizzes and tests in high school. A class could have up to two tests and four quizzes a week. Although there are more tests, the work is usually not as hard.   It is also reasonable to say that there is more time to complete classroom assignments. Student could be given up to a month to complete major projects.
In college if a student wants to turn an assignment in late by using an excuse the instructor would tell them that there was a statement in the syllabus that reads “late assignments will not be accepted”. There will not be any excuse the student can give to change the policy.   There is also not a lot of time for students to complete class work or homework. In college an instructor only has a limited amount of time to teach their pupils the material.
In high school the teachers are always on a student about attendance. If a kid in high school misses too many days in a semester they could lose their credits. If a student fails to attend a class the teacher usually wants to know why. They also want a note from the student’s parent or doctor excusing the pupil from class. If the student does not have a note the principal of the school would punish the student for truancy. The principal would probably call their parents, and put the student in detention or suspension.
Instructors in college for the most part...

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