The Difference Between Good and Evil Essay

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Family Everyone has a special memory of the past that will never be forgotten. Memories can mean anything from being happy to be horrific; regardless it is a memory and will never be left behind. The greatest memories are the ones that we share within our families and the memories hold a greater meaning than perceived. Looking back at a memory, we tend to look at ourselves from a 3rd person narrative, but if we analyze that moment, we could remember how we were feeling and what it was like from the 1st person perspective. The special moment that I had shared with a family member that I remember was the day my father took me to his special event at work. The significance that this instant has is that it was the first time I had bonded with my father and felt so close to him as a loved one. I remember this instant like it was only last week. My father had taken me along to a party/festival with all of his friends from work and their child(ren) as well. We started the adventure on a ferry, which took us to a shoreline with a big open field of grass and a big picnic area. No matter how hard I have tried to remember, I can’t seem to bring my mind across anything other than the activity I played with my dad. Little did I know that this activity would be the start to a great father-son relationship. The activity we participated in involved a woman’s legging wrapped around our waste with an orange hanging at the bottom of one of the legs. We had to run to one end of the field and knock an egg off of a pole by only using the orange without the help of hands. When my dad finished, he ran back to me and it was my turn, so I quickly ran over to the new egg as fast as I could. In that moment it didn’t even feel as if anyone else was on that field with us, it felt like it was just my dad and I enjoying a good time. As I ran back to my dad, the look on his face of how proud he

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