The Difference Between a University in the United States and Vietnam

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The Difference between a University in the United States and Vietnam Nowadays, the society is more and more modern than before, therefore the demand for higher education is necessary. Educational priority is not only for the developed country like America but also for a developing country like Vietnam. Have you ever wondered why the number of international students in the United States universities is increasing rapidly every year? Vietnam is ranked nineth in the number of international students in the United States. The differences between American education and Vietnamese education is the learning enviroment, self-learning method, and students ' age. The learning enviroment is very relaxed and flexible in the United States. You can choose the classes that fit with your schedule. If you have to work in the morning, you can take the class in the evening or in the afternoon. In contrast, Vietnamese students are not allowed to change their schedule. The university sets up their class schedule for the students and the intructors. Classes are usually in the morning. Self-learning in the United States is the main learning method for students. Students need to prepare the lesson before they go to the class. If they have problem or need help with the lesson, they can ask their teacher when they studied the lesson. In Vietnam, students don't refresh their mind and brainstorm for what they learn. Students think less on their own and depend more on what the teacher says. The last difference is student's age. In the United states, the government encourages people to go to school. It is very common to see the older people in the university campus in the United States but this never happens in Vietnam. The majority of students are young people, that have just graduated from high-school. Vietnam needs to learn how the American university organizes and teaches
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