The Diary of Anne Moody

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A Coming of Age in Mississippi By the late 1960’s the Civil Rights movement has traumatic losses that came with enormous successes. Several acts were passed for the African American Community, however, society for the blacks was not where it wanted to be, in the fact that whites were still extremely raciest and blacks were not truly protected like they had originally hoped. Now with everything working against the blacks in the late 1960’s and a couple brave souls rising in the civil rights movement a young lady named Anne Moody came wrote her autobiography about her life in these dark times for America. In this book, we see what life was like for the black community who were always targeted by the whites as an enemy. We read about how the school system was like for this minority, the racial etiquette that the black people had to follow, and just Anne Moody’s family and childhood. Today, we only read about the major figures, such as, Malcolm X and Martin Luther King that played a pivotal role in civil rights movement when there were more people especially Anne Moody that helped America to be what it is today. Anne Moody’s childhood was one that no wishes to have. She was constantly beaten, her father left the family, and she was a slave to a white farmer. However, Anne possessed strong traits, she was not affected by these beatings, she wanted to learn about the south, and how to take a stand, and she worked to provide for her siblings because her mother and her mother’s new husband, Raymond, failed to provide for them. Anne was a strong willed girl, that realized the hardships that being an African American possessed and overcame them, and her childhood, working on the plantation as a slave was truly what made her out to be later in life which was a civil rights activist. Growing up during the civil rights movement, when the white population ruled the south was

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