The Diary of Anne Frank Essay

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“The Diary of Anne Frank” essay The major concerns that can be explored in “The Diary of Anne Frank” are: lack of privacy, restricted freedom and suffer of adaption. Additionally, “The Diary of Anne Frank” demonstrates the difficulties of growing up, made harder in circumstances of war. Ultimately, despite of all the challenges Anne faced she lived in hope which gave her strength to get over her fear and loss of freedom during the Nazi invasion. Essentially, the lack of privacy, limitation of freedom and the theme of adaption are considered as the main issues found in “The Diary of Anne Frank.” “Quack, quack, quack says the Mistress Chatterback” is a directed statement to Peter. This can be explained by the use of repetition of “Quack, quack, quack” that Peter is as irritating as a duck. As well as the use of the personification of “Mistress Chatterback” tells us that Anne is sick and distressed of arguing with Peter about their attitude. Furthermore, the difficulties of growing up that has been made harder caused by the World War ェェ is shown in “The Diary of Anne Frank.” “Sometimes I wonder if anyone will ever understand what I mean.” The depressed, and loneliness tone is used to declare that Anne wants to be beloved and respected instead of ignored by most of people. “Help, help, help someone help me!” the horrified and frightened ton is added to express Anne’s anxiety. Also, repetition of “Help, help, help” tells that Anne always lived in constant fear of Nazis. Eventually, during the Nazi invasion Anne’s hope gave her courage to jump over her fear and concerns. “I can shake off everything as I write; my sorrows disappear, my courage is reborn” demonstrates how Anne’s anger can be disappeared and her courage is reborn as she writes her diary. Also, every time Anne is angry and dreaded, she can empty her mind and fulfill it with braveness. As in a
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