The Diary of Anne Frank Essay

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The Diary of Anne Frank In the Diary of Anne Frank, Anne shows growth through the two years they spent in the Secret Annex. She shows growth emotionally, mentally, and physically. Anne shows this growth numerous times thought out the story. The main thing is when she says “Despite of everything of everything people are still good at heart”. Anne Frank starts off acting like a normal 13 year old would. She is immature, loud, and rude. One example of this when Anne takes Peter’s shoes and plays with him. Anne’s emotion gradually started to change as she gets older and spends more time with Peter. One example of this is when she starts asking Margot if she thinks she is pretty and if Peter will like her. Margot would always say “Oh quit fishing” Mentally, Anne is a very smart individual. She was smart, popular and not very self conscience. She talks and acts before she thinks. She does not care what you think of her either. One example of this is when she is talking to her mother. Every one says Anne should be like Margaret. She shoots words as hard as stone and she does not care who it hurts. This is proven because she tells her mom she is sorry, and tells Peter that she does not like hurting people with her words. Anne physically changes through the whole story. At the beginning she is 13 and is too young to understand most thing changing around her. By the end of the story, Peter is very attracted to Anne and Anne feels the same way about Peter. This takes place at the very end when Anne starts to dress up to go across the hall to talk to Peter. There were many changes that Anne experienced during the two years they spent in the Annex. I think that Anne showed the most growth emotionally because she started acting more mature and more loving towards others. Like when she would dress up to go
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