The Diary Of A Young Girl Essay

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The Diary of a Young Girl On Thursday, 9 July, 1942 the Frank Family are forced to leave their home and live in an attic of a store, for the safety of their lives. The Frank family will have their ups and downs for the next three years of their lives. Mr. And Mrs. Frank, Anne and Margot are not the only ones living their three last years {draw:frame} in the house they like the call "The Secret Annex." The Van Daan's move in also, that consists of Mr. And Mrs. Van Daan and their son Peter Van Daan, who also brought his cat Mouschi. Then later on a man by the name Mr. Dussel moves into the attic of the "Secret Annex." Throughout the {draw:frame} book four characters come and go, they are Mr. Kraler, Koophius, Miep and Elli Vossen. They are workers of the store. They come and give the families food and cloths. They are just trying to help the families with their needs. Now the two families including Mr. Dussel have to manage to get along at all times. Well the plan didn't always turn out like they expected. Right off the bat the Frank's think of the Van Daan's to be rich, stuck up, and mean selfish people. The Van Daan's expect everyone do to things for them. Anne thinks that Mrs. Van Daan is a flirt, and a jealous woman. When you get further into the {draw:frame} book you will read that the Frank's and Van Daan's do get along, well most of the time. Both the families don't mind Mr. Dussel but they do get on their nerves. As the {draw:frame} book goes on, Anne Frank develops a very strong attraction towards Peter Van Daan, which soon turns to love. Anne, it turns out that she loves Peter, and she wishes that he thought of her in that way too. So Anne and Peter get to know each other better, little by little. Then they pretty much become a couple. They will admire each other and eyeball each other for a while. Then Anne lies in his arms and she falls in love

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