The Dialectical Reversal of Otherness: Biology Cannot Determine the Destiny

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The Dialectical Reversal of Otherness: Biology cannot determine the destiny In this paper, I will agree that biology can’t determine the destiny by looking at French Feminist Philosophy. The Dialectical Reversal of Otherness is a situation in history, where a group of people with less power is treated like they belong in the society, and at the same time, treated like they don't belong. There is no denying the fact that the male and female are playing absolutely different roles in our society. In the present world, it is important and necessary to have all of them in order to increase the efficiency no matter in which industry and position. Apart from this, the most significant is that either male or female cannot replace each other. It is because that the male and female have different constructions and features of both physically and mentally. As for female, the most well-known character is having the ability to give birth to the offspring. Therefore, women have been regarded as the greatest role as the mother who provides the lives for our future. In the meanwhile, there are a large number of people insisting in the point of view that this situation must keep on existing, and female should live on the pre-given talent instead of developing some other skills. According to the contents in the “French Feminist Philosophy”, it is obvious that some women philosophers prefer to be approved because of their abilities or skills rather than be thought highly based on their pre-given talent. That means the female is the more important factor to affect the society and population (Alexei A. Maklakov). Even though they have this social responsibility, some of them argue that the female can develop more all-rounded. And Simone De Beauvoir was one of these great feminist philosophers. Like most of individuals, she accepted that biological plays an important part in our
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