The Devoted Friend

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The story, "The Devoted Friend", is a lesson to be learned. It shows how one can manipulateas well as how one can be manipulated. It also shows just how far some people will go for afriend. In this case, Hans gave up taking care of his garden to help a "true" friend and died doingso. Author Oscar Wilde gives good detail of the characters and sets up conflicts within the plot toemphasize on the theme, a devoted friend is one that is with you, and will do anything for you,until the very end.2. In the opening scene of the story a few minor characters are introduced, including the narrator,the Green Linnet, a little bird with tiny wings. The narrator tells this story to a water-rat, an oldrat with bright, beady eyes and stiff grey whiskers. He felt it pertained to the rat because of howcritical the rat was being of the pure white mother duck that had bright red legs. All she wastrying to do was teach her children, who looked like little yellow canaries, how to fit into societyand the rat was making rude comments.3. As the Li...... middle of paper ......ys did exactly what the Miller asked of him without hesitation. The Miller also knew exactly how to manipulate Hans by using guilt, and he put that into action every time he needed something done for him.11. "The Devoted Friend" was a perfect example of how much friendship means to some and how little it means to others. It showed how easy it was to manipulate others and be manipulated by others. But, the most important thing it showed was just how far a person would go to help a friend even though it means sacrificing many things. he Devoted Friend" by Oscar Wilde is a short story whose main idea is the exposure of the double standards of what is thought to be as the proper, righteous, and polite society of Victorian London. Therefore, irony would be the first technique as well as the personification of the marsh animals
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