The Devil's Playground Documentary Analysis

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Comm 316 2-14-2013 Documentary Paper The Devil’s Playground Living Amish. After watching The Devil’s Playground, I have a greater understanding of Amish culture and how different it is from American culture. The Amish live a very disciplined life for God and their community and during their youth they decide whether or not they plan to remain Amish and become baptized into the religion or to walk away. The movie, The Devil’s Playground is a documentary that takes you inside the life of the Amish, especially their youth. At the age of sixteen, the youth enter a time of decision making known as rumspringa or “running around”. During this time, they are free from Amish rules and many engage in sex, drugs, wearing of jeans, driving cars, and…show more content…
The Amish’s ultimate goal is to get to heaven and they strive for it through a very disciplined, religious, and community oriented life. The Amish are also very private. They generally do not allow photographs or videos except for the making of this documentary. They isolate themselves from influences, for example, children do not attend public schools and most men are employed within the Amish community. They try to separate themselves from the rest of the world by wearing plain clothing and not using modern technology. They believe that if they remain within their community and only interact with Amish individuals then their admission into heaven is greatly increased. The lifestyle of the Amish reflects their beliefs in life and God. The rumspringa offers teenagers a free pass from Amish life to explore “English” ways and a decision as to whether they will join the church or not. Whichever path they choose is binding for the rest of their life. The Devil’s Playground shows the traditions within the Amish community and the importance of rumspringa. It shows us through teenager’s experiences how much they have to give up and how much they have to

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