The Devil Wears Prada- Gender Construction

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Throughout the opening scene of the movie, the director has immediately introduced gender stereotype with fast flashing shots of the main character, Andy, and other models getting ready. This film technique assists in contrasting between a working class women and a model; which illustrates fantasy and reality. Through the use of music, Frankel has successfully established gender stereotype in women with the lyrics ‘Suddenly I see, this is what I want to be’, while showing shots of glamorous models changing, eating their small portions and putting make-up on; this implies that this is the way all women want to be. The use of lighting is also crucial as the bright, white colouring of the models apartments portrays their glamour and status in society. As the models are changing, we’re given close up shots of each of them preparing for their day and the use of costume is effective because you see all the models wearing lingerie which shows women as sexual objects for men. When Andy enters the ‘Runway’ building she is in complete contrast with the rest of the world hence showing that she is crossing the threshold. Andy is an outsider and she is promptly judged on her exterior appearance by Emily. “Human resources certainly has an odd sense of humour.” This goes to show that not only men construct female stereotype but women also establish this idea on gender based on status, wealth and appearance. Although this movie is well known for the gender stereotype, there is also many examples throughout the film with characters who subvert these ideas. Frankel has successfully portrayed Miranda as the ‘Alpha Female’ and costume played a huge role in establishing this status. As Miranda is approaching the building, without even seeing her face, we immediately know that she is a powerful figure. She is wearing black, a colour of authority and the audience is shown still shots

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