The Devil In The White City Essay

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Devil in the White City takes two actual stories that occur in Chicago in the late 1880s and the early 1890s and meshes them together. The story of the White City enhances the story of the Devil that found contentment within its walls. Daniel Burnham and John Root created the White City with the help of many architects from New York, Boston, St. Louis and Chicago. Throughout challenges, disasters and tragedy, Burnham moved the planning and building of the White City forward. He focused on his own career and the fact that all of America was counting on him to earn the world's respect. The White City is the name given to the 1893 World's Exposition celebrating Columbus' discovery of America. Chicago was given the honor of hosting the elaborate affair. Many people were afraid the Exposition would be no better than a county fair, because they believed that Chicago was an uncultured, meatpacking city. When the news came that Chicago would be the host, the people of Chicago were ecstatic. They could finally show everyone they were as cultured and civilized as New York. The firm of Burnham and Root was given the task of…show more content…
Neighborhoods of the rich and poor became more distinct and more isolated from each other, a process already underway by the end of the CIVIL WAR and evident in Chicago's post-fire development. Residential enclaves surrounding manufacturing plants were dominated by workers in those factories and reflected the firm's hiring policies. Companies hiring Italians or Poles helped create the nuclei of Polish and Italian neighborhoods; those with biases against the Irish helped create neighborhoods with uncharacteristically low numbers of Irish. Where skill levels and wages were high, home ownership rates rose. Where unskilled workers concentrated or where jobs were already moving elsewhere, poverty took its
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