The Development of Relationship Between Catholicism and Natural Science

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The Development of Relationship between Catholicism and Natural Science Lei Xu How does the complex relationship between Religion and Natural Science come? The different concern and understanding of the world: Natural science uses hypothesis, experiment, and logical reasoning etc. methods to study the reality of the world while religion uses the methods of imagination, metaphor, intuition, experience, enlightenment to realize God’s will. Four stages of this relationship in history: * When Catholicism first time met natural science in 17th century (the Renaissance), their relationship presented friendliness. * In 18th century, most of scientists still believed in the God who created the universe; however, they no longer believed in a personified God who actively involved in human life. * In 19th century, the conflict became the primary tone because the Creationism was severely shaken by the Cell theory, the Evolutionism, and the Law of Energy Conservation. * From 20th century to recent time, “Conflict, Independence, Dialogue and Integration”. Relationship in and after 20th century (“Fourfold Typology” mode) * Conflict: the traditional conflict has basically ended because of the developments of Catholic doctrines. The traditional conflict was replaced by a balance between Catholicism and natural science. * Independence: the modern Catholicism re-positioned itself: expanding its space of its own existence and seeking the value of its existence. The Catholicism has realized that Catholicism and science could co-exist. * Dialogue: To some extent, the dialogue is a competition of the right of modern discourse. Catholic Church used more knowledge of modern social sciences, such as history, anthropology, sociology and economics, to play a positive role in modern society, such as solving international issues. * Integration: the new physics
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