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The development of Public Administration and Organization Theory Essay

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Below is an essay on "The development of Public Administration and Organization Theory" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Day after day things around us seem to change and evolve. Since
the beginning of time people have learned to except something and start
to instill their trust in something and then as soon as they get
comfortable they begin to learn some new about it. Public
administration is one of these ever growing and ever changing things
that make you wonder about what is what, and what is actually the
purpose of government policies and if they will even be enforced.
Public Administration can be broadly described as the development,
implementation and study of branches of government policy. Public
administration is linked to pursuing the public good by enhancing civil
society and social justice. Though public administration has
historically referred to as government management, it increasingly
encompasses Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) that are not acting
out of self-interest. Public administration has had many different
faces and has changed a lot over the many generations. The need for
public administration was in need like no otyher. Some states needed an
organization for the implementation of law and order and for setting up
a defensive structure. The need for expert civil servants, with
knowledge about taxes, statistics, administration and the military
organization grew.
This need basically screamed help and public administration was there
to help. In this essay I will try to break down a poplualr list of
theories and actually compare and trace these theories to see what they
are about and to see there revalance to the system.

Public administration came about in the mid 1800’s. I mean
there has always been Public administration it ust was not considered a
science yet. That is until what I consider the father of public
administration came along in 1855 Lorenz von Stein. Von Stein was a
professor in Vienna, and was considered the founder of the science of
public administration. In the time of Von Stein the...

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