The Development Of Pop Art

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The Development Of Pop Art Pop Art was born twice: first in England and then in New York. The second birth that took place in new York was instantly a success among teenagers for its nice appeal. People reacted enthusiastically to both the hot and cool implications of such direct language. It wanted to attract the middle -aged generation that was looking anxiously to youth for its excitement in the entertainment and arts. Pop Art can be traced back to the mid 1950’s and was started by a group of young british artists who wanted a change. The Institute Of Contemporary Art in London was a place of contact for the young artists who otherwise had no place of contact since they had neither a cafe like that of Paris or any exhibition openings like in New York. At The Institute Of Contemporary Art a small and informal organization called the Independent Group was formed. The Independent Group was formed for the purpose of holding exploratory meetings to find new ideas and speakers for the public program. As Pop Art grew it came into the United States, starting in New York. There are many famous Pop Artists from New York. After five years many issues that have arose in 1961 have somewhat been clarified. Such as what is Pop Art if it is not a movement, it is at least a relatively cohesive movement. The real departure for New York’s Pop Art was the work of Jasper Johns. He was very interested in bringing the viewers attention to the common things in the world. Dunchamp another artist had made ready made objects into art; now Johns went even further and made the object into a painting. Johns had invaded the previously inviolate area of ‘pure painting’. He also neutralized the gap between life and art. Once that was realized the question of is it a flag or art didn’t matter anymore. Jasper Johns also seemed to be in love with his paintings.1 Only a real art

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