The Development of JIT & Lean Manufacturing Systems

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Introduction Just in time, is a manufacturing system developed originally by Toyota, based on eliminating the wastes by producing the required amount and filling the stock in the right time, subsequently the concept of lean manufacturing has formed and it focused on using the manufacturing system as a tools mixed together to reduce the inventory and other non added values elements. In this essay we intend to examine the reasons behind the development of JIT and the lean system, what made such processes surpass the other manufacturing systems and how were they implemented, precisely inside Toyota, the company which developed the JIT system. Furthermore we will investigate the new developed methods and processes that being performed with JIT and made it more flexible and efficient. Finally a brief futuristic look of what can we expect from this system, will JIT maintain its position among the other manufacturing processes under the unpredicted global economic changes? this article will curry a discussion on these inquiries and describe how did these system formed. The History of the Development in manufacturing systems: To have a decent understanding on how JIT devolved and to predict its future, we must have a comprehensive view on the manufacturing process development time-line. Examining the past and how the philosophy of using machines to make a mass production for one item started, then how the relation between man/machine and machine evolved and why did JIT and the Lean systems had been developed? The Manufacturing process and the Mass production: The concept of manufacturing a mass production was not invented until the year 1790 when guy name Eli Whitney won a contract with the US government to mass produce a musket. Whitney devolved a new manufacturing strategy using machines to help him achieve his target. Amazingly, Whitney did not only manage to

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