The Development of English Has Been Planned and Sequential Essay

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The development of English hasn’t been planned and sequential over time. Throughout the English language the development of English has overtime been changed through many changes such as the invasions of different cultures and the introduction of different words. Today in our world we find new and interesting ways to explain something or someone all over the world. In our world today different cultures have influenced our modern day culture such as food, dance, music and language. In 55BC, Julius Caesar and the Romans led the first invasion of Britain which lasted for nearly 400 years until 410AD. That invasion influenced the English culture by introducing the roman technology, religion, architecture and brought some Latin nouns that we still use today. Without these influences we wouldn’t have the everyday things that we use today such as religion (catholic), some architecture that has been used to develop buildings, technology (such as the influence of how cars are made from the roman chariots) and introducing Latin nouns. Other influences from culture are the food that we have today such as pizza from Italy, croissants from France, Make-up from Japan, Martial arts from Asian cultures and many more. Without these culture aspects our culture wouldn’t be able to evolve into new and interesting things. Today our culture aspects are now more drawn to how society acts and speaks. Modern society has been influenced by the incoming of new invented words to describe something or someone. For example, in the 1500’s we described how they talked as ‘formal language’ was used back then using words such as thee, thy, thou etc. Today we don’t use that language at all anymore because we have adapted words and changed them around. The younger generation of today has influenced the way that we today speak from previous years using “slang”. Today at a rapid pace nearly 4000 words

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