The Development of Children from Birth to 19 Years

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The Development of Children from Birth to 19 Years Nobody is born the same therefore children and young people develop at different rates, but the sequence in which they develop and advance changes very little. Children’s development tends to progress from head to toe, inside to outside, simple to complex and from general to specific. Children’s Speech and Language, Intellectual and Cognitive, Social and Emotional and Physical development will be looked at and explained through their various stages. All of these areas of development are very important and can in turn have an impact on each other and therefore the child’s full potential as an adult. The child’s physical development is the growth of their movements, both gross and fine motor skills and the development of their hand to eye co-ordination. All of these are connected and can therefore have an impact on each other. Children will be learning how to manage their emotions in a healthy way, caring for others, and their learning of social and cultural skills, independency, making decisions and building their confidence. Their intellectual and cognitive development is the understanding of information, the lengthening of their attention span, the reasoning in daily experiences, developing their memory skills, logical thinking and questioning. Speech and Language development is their understanding and gathering of language, developing their vocabulary and body language (non- verbal communication). Physical Development Birth From birth babies have little control over their bodies and movements. Their movements are linked with a series of reflexes. * Root reflex- begins when the corner of the mouth is touched * Moro reflex- occurs when the baby is startled by a loud sound or movement * Suck reflex- rooting helps the baby become ready to suck * Grasp reflex- stroking the palm of the hand
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