The Deterioration of Schools Essay

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Businesses have slowly been involving into who can target their customers better, and not who has the better product. In fact, the aggregate budget for advertising and marketing of businesses in the United States alone was approximately $412,400,000,000 in 2008. Businesses now want to advertise in schools in order to better manipulate children (“How Much Money”). If schools allow businesses to advertise in their schools, the first things some students may see are walls covered with various advertisements. The school’s floors and ceiling may even have some advertisements. When a student first walks into their school advertisements will be immediately trust upon them. At least when a student starts looking around his classroom, he will have something to look at instead of having to listen to the lesson being taught. Advertising in schools should not be allowed in schools because it can contradict the child’s guardians, poses no benefit to children’s education, and is inappropriate for schools (“Commercialism in Our Schools”). Advertizing in schools can lead to a contradiction of family’s religious beliefs. America was founded on the principle of believing what one wants to believe. Advertisements will not take into account the different beliefs of individuals. It is not right for a Hindu to be told via a popular slogan, “Beef. It's What's For Dinner.” This could traumatize a young Hindu child whom would not be able to be consoled by one’s parents because he is at school. Advertisements also pose the danger of contradicting what parents tell their children. Advertizing in schools also contradicts families because it can contradict what children are told by their parents. It is the right of parents to raise their children how they see fit. Parents may feel that they should tell their children things at different ages. After all, this is a right of parents. For

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