The Description of Hard Life of Ordinary People During the War.

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The description of hard life of ordinary people during the war. Great patriotic war changed the life of all people in each city and in each separate village of our homeland. And now when our country is going to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Great Patriotic War we should remember that this victory was gained at the cost of ordinary people life. The life of ordinary people was very hard. All men were at the front and women, teenagers; old folk had to fulfill all heavy activity. Soviet people understood that not only soldiers but also material resources are needed for front. That is why people tried to work as hard as possible overcoming all difficulties and obstacles. Sever laws of Soviet time made provisions for strict punishment for absence from work and for coming late. That time it was not so easy to get to work. In the condition of the martial time tram was the main means of transport in all cities. Bad condition of cars fleeted lack of trams, irregularities of electricity, and all these facts made people wait for transport on overcrowded stops for hours. Once who were not able to get on the tram had to go on foot many kilometres. Usually it took people 3 hours to get to work. Very often hungry and exhausting people fell down and frozen. In conditions of martial laws there were not any days off and medical sick leave certificates. Under the threat of non-fulfillment of the plan people were forced to work till they became completely exhausted. Working people got food only once a day. The quality of food was rather law, there were not any dishes prepared of meat. In industrial areas people used to live mainly in so called “barrack”. As a rule it was one storied construction which was built without foundation on the base of wooden structure. Interior was rather primitive. The average salary on the military enterprise was about 800 roubles. The life of
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