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The Dered Essay

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  • on December 3, 2013
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Nathalie Fransisca - 211110018
What kind of experience is immigration to Britain for the immigrants?
Maybe the immigrants will feel weird about the free-racism in Britain, because of a lot of multicultural in Britain. At first the immigrant might feel weird or something, but as time goes on it will changed. The immigrants will have a great experience as immigrants in Britain. People in Britain will deal with the immigrants like how they deal with others. So the immigrants will have a joyful experience with Britain natives or with the other immigrants. People in Britain will accept the immigrants with no differences with others. The immigrants will be accepted as normal people, not strangers. English people are very warm and very open. There will be less discrimination in Britain so the immigrants will experience no discrimination.
What similarities are there in the immigrants' home culture and British culture?
If in this case the immigrants are Asian, the similarity is mostly about the hardworking culture. Both of them have a hardworking culture, to do the best as they could. And both of them work with involving people. The similarity between those two cultures is involving people to do anything.
What differences?
If in this case the immigrants are Asian, the cultural difference is mostly about racism. Asians is more racism than British people. Unconsciously, black and white people are “separated” with no reason. It differs with Britain. In Britain, black and white people are living side by side.
The culture of eating is also different. What time do they eat, what do they consume, and etc. British as a Western country consume more meat and Asians consume more rice, wheat, etc.
Another one difference is eye contact. Most Asian cultures prefer indirect eye contact in conversations, while Western (Britain) people prefer otherwise. The other difference is in Asian cultures, they mixed up personal things with professional thing (job), unlike in Western...

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