The definition of a strong man

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The Definition of a Strong Man The definition of a strong man is someone who has smarts, strength, can maintain: financially, spiritually, mentally, physically, and emotionally, and a man that is truthful. This man can find a good job to support himself or to support himself and his family and be able to love them, spend time with them, teach them, and never abandon them. One example of a strong man that has never given up thus far would be Barack Obama. He has showed himself to be a man of his word, and a good father/husband to his family. He’s someone that is peaceful and caring. He has proven to us (the USA) that he will never give up a fight just so we can have the finer things in life. He has fought a battle that is hard for many people and that many people would have given up on long ago. But he has done in a way that many don’t, He has fought with smarts. A person like that show’s that they’re strong because they don’t say anything to belittle the person, but will prove them wrong. He’s proven himself to be a strong man because he has made it to be a finalist in running as a democrat for the presidency. A strong man can prove himself to be faithful no matter what, will never give up, and a man of God. This man loves and cares for others, works hard to bring home the bacon and still finds time for this family. This man goes out his way to do what is most important to maintain for him and his family. He knows how to keep the family together and be there for them in the time of need. He loves his wife and show’s her affection when it is and is not needed. He knows how to get things done on time, is very professional in every aspect. A strong man carries himself like a man should; he is very manorable, mindful of his surroundings, and accepts life as it is but makes things better. He knows right from wrong and can accept his mistakes for what they are. He

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