The Decline Of The Roman Empire

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The Decline Of the Roman Empire By Edgard Cavalcanti The Roman Empire is one of the most sophisticated, complicated and oldest empire ever known. It has lasted for thousands of years and has brought a wide range of history and influence to our world today. Through the use of their technology, the roman army was the cause of Rome’s expansion, from North Africa to Britain. Many people wanted to become a citizen of the empire because they knew it would give them luxurious and better life. Also, Rome’s government system was highly honored. However, nothing lasts forever. Lack of strong leaders, increased size of taxes, outbreak of civil wars and the Visigoth invasion caused the decline of the Roman Empire. Rome had many strong leaders but also countless shoddy leaders. Various different leaders commenced into Rome who were very poorly educated and did not understand about economics or political duty. One of Rome’s worst tyrants was a leader called Commodus. He used military force to cause massacres and rule Rome. However, after Commodus there were many other selfish emperors who took thrown, that slowly caused the fall of the empire. Furthermore, the empire was recovered with substantial leaders such as of Diocletian, Constantine the great and Theodosius. On top of that, the Roman Empire’s economy also suffered. The Roman economy suffered of increase in taxes and devaluation of currency. The amounts of money being spent on army facilities were towering. The government had raised the taxes in order to pay for his needs, which were mainly put towards military facility, such as gold and silver. Roman tax was based on land ownership, croplands and slaves. Emperors were desperate for income, in order for that they raised the peoples taxes. The provinces had to raise their own taxes to sustain themselves. Equally, Farmers and merchants were forced to leave their

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