The Decline of the English Language Argumentative Essay

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I believe that while the English language is in decline, it can be repaired. Many of the mistakes that people make when they write are due to over-thinking or not thinking enough, as stated in Simplicity by William Zinsser, “Thinking clearly is a conscious act that the writer must force upon himself.” Using too many words, not enough words, extravagant words, or inappropriate wording are all key flaws of writing (that I admit I’ve done). Still, all can be worked on and fixed. In Politics and the English Language, Orwell explains the causes of the decline of the English language and how the effects are often closely intertwined with the cause. Orwell uses the example, “A man may…drink because he feels himself to be a failure, and then fail all the more completely because he drinks…the same thing…is happening to the English language.” Sometimes, bad habits cause other habits to exist and it turns into a cycle of disorder. A more modern example that applies to writing would be when people text on their phones and use “chat-speak” like LOL, OMG and U R FUNNI. Even though that kind of diction is only supposed to happen over the phone, some people have gotten into the habit and write that way normally and in work environments. Another major issue with the modern English language is people not saying what they mean so that they can beat around the bush or because they’re worried about others’ feelings, also known as using euphemisms. In Euphemisms common-sense challenged, an article by Leonard Pitts in the Miami Herald, Pitts meticulously tears down different euphemisms and explains how using them makes no difference. He writes, “I’m tall and bald. Does calling me ‘vertically endowed’ and ‘follically challenged’ change either fact, or anyone’s perception thereof?” People should write the way that they think, and if we were taught this in school and taught to practice

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