The Decline Of Fine Art Essay

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The Decline of Fine Art in the Twenty-First Century Sylense Paige Labit 6/08/2009 Table of Contents 1. Introduction: pages 3-4 2. The difference between art and fine art: pages 4-9 3. Art in education: pages 9-12 4. The decline: pages 12-18 5. How Christians should respond: pages 18-21 6. Conclusion: pages 21-22 Introduction Envision yourself in a gray dull world where all your purpose is to biologically exist through eating and sleeping. You spend your days waiting for people to come to your restaurant. All you see throughout the day is the asphalt of your lot and metal fences surrounding you. Everyone else is in the same situation but nobody expresses how they feel. You wish tourists would find interest in coming to your restaurant. You go home and feel suffocated and vent your anger at your loved ones. You don’t want to be like this. You open the window to take in a deep breath of smog filled air and stare at blocks of concrete. This is a life without art. What is art? (May Koura). Koura raises a very good question at the end of her quote and one can only hope to answer her question and many other questions posed in this thesis. Those questions are: How is fine art distinct from art? In what ways is art important to the culture of the twenty-first century and how has it changed over time? Are the changes good or bad for society? How should Christians respond to this change? In answering these questions one will come to the conclusion that there is a decline in fine art due to a lack of appreciation for fine art in the twenty-first century. Art is expressed in everyday life through, advertisement, drawing, painting, writing, taking pictures, etc. History is generally recorded in two different ways, through books and other forms of written documentation, and through the art that is produced in a particular era. Art not only records

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