The Decline of Bharatanatyam Essay

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Smiti Jain Nandini Shah 10th B (AM) September 24, 2013 Word Count: 563 Are Perfectly Planned Cities a Boon or Bane? Over the years, there have been many issues about the development in the countries and the negative corollary of the advancements in technology. But have we ever reflected on the positive side of all these advancements? Have we ever thought of actually appreciating the gadgets invented by the great minds of our century? Well, no, cynicism gets the better of us! Now let’s stop being hypocrites and start acknowledging all the luxury we have got throughout our country’s development. Development has helped countries to globalize economically and socially. Many foreign companies are trading with our country and creating jobs. This is all because of development. If there hadn’t been development, we wouldn’t have had international relations with other countries and our country would be as poor as it was 50 years ago- full of people with sickness lingering in the country due to malnutrition and unhygienic food. We wouldn’t have had medicines to cure diseases like leukemia and breast cancer. Thousands of people would have lost their life for nothing. Thankfully, we didn’t go through all this. And all the credit goes to the development of the country. Development has also decreased the risk of terrorist attacks in our country. Erratic burglaries, thefts and even murders have been prevented from taking place due to the advanced security measures. A great deal of the investigator’s time has been saved, and the money of the country which is being spent on these inspectors. The country could have suffered its worst fate. There could have been a terrorist attack on the precious monument of our country, the Taj Mahal. There could have been a bomb blast in an utterly crowded street causing millions of people to die. There could have been

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