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Linwood Williams The Declaration of Independence 9/28/11 Over two centuries ago, the Declaration of Independence was written, and it demanded that the world take notice. This document, the Declaration of Independence, showed that a new country was born. This important message contained in this declaration has changed many times over the years since it’s been drafted but, its importance to our culture will never go away. It is interesting to see that when reviewing the early drafts of the Declaration of Independence that there were two sections removed for the final draft. One of the most important parts to the declaration of independence is the abolishment of the slave trade. In the second paragraph of the declaration it states, “That all men are created equal” the authors of this document meant that when they wrote it. There was to be no equality for women, African-Americans, Indians or any other non-Caucasian race. This was not a document to free citizens, but to free the entire country from British rule. This was the main focus of the declaration at that time. The King of Great Britain may not mean a lot to us today but these were the main reasons that the declaration was drafted, from an historical perspective. The colonists would have made a declaration, but the Crown imposed such harsh restrictions and tyranny on the colonies. Today, the focus of the declaration is on the introduction. While we intend to preface the Crown’s actions it has kind of became hope for us Americans today. It reminds us that there shall be nothing wrong with our rights on any part of the government. Something else that is really important is being able to stand up for ourselves in the real world today. The Declaration of Independence has affected the way our country has grown, and will continue to grow up to a whole new age. We are free to reach any goals of life, liberty,

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