The Decisive Moment Essay

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Here you could make that about so many things. Whats best is to think of something that you know a lot about. So the first step is to draw up your plan. Every piece of writing has to have a beginning, a middle and an end. And you have to have bridges between all three so that every ties up and makes sense. So whats a good idea is to always read back over your first paragrah before you wirte the ending one, and try come up with something that brings you right back to where you began. This title to me sparks an idea about someones life and having to make a big decision on what to do. So you could open up with a bold statement, like what your friend did, immediately bringing the end to the start. For example... "As I stood on the platform with the receding wave of passengers sifting back into the terminal and watched the train fade into the abyss, like a common thief, taking my one true love away from me, I collapse in a heap of mixed emotion, wondering if I would ever see her again." Something like this immediately sets the theme of what you are going to be writing about and puts the reader right in the middle of the authors despair. So then you would go on from this and do your flashback, 5 years ago, type thing and follow everything through to the point you return to that platform. The ending has to have as powerful a kick as the beginning so you could maybe take the man home and have him going about his life, but then he finds an unopened letter from his departed girlfriend explaining a secret... say for example, shes expecting their first child. And then end it there leaving the reader with a new set of emotions to obliterate the despair, yet questioning.. what now what now what will he do, will he go after her... So thats one approach. Another could be say picturing yourself writing for a newspaper column. Again you start with your bold

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