The Decay Of Friendship Analysis

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The Decay of Friendship” by Samuel Johnson is a thought-provoking examination of the concept of friendship. Friendship is a cherished ideal to many people, but people often take it for granted or have a shallow perspective on this “sublime enjoyment.” Personally, reading this essay caused me to rethink what friendship is and means to me as a human being; pissing off and disappointing a good friend of mine one day created a certain distance between us that was heartbreaking. It was soul shattering that my own narcissism clouded the full picture of my best friend, that my own ego could believe in such a two-dimensional way. When my friend asked of me to finish writing something that he poured his soul into, I fucked it up; distorted it in someway that made it ugly. Perhaps, looking back on it, I should have told him that I wasn’t comfortable doing this, that I didn’t fully understand the depth of…show more content…
It is painful to consider that this sublime enjoyment may be impaired or destroyed by innumerable causes, and that there is no human possession of which the duration is less certain. Many have talked in very exalted language, of the perpetuity of friendship, of invincible constancy, and unalienable kindness; and some examples have been seen of men who have continued faithful to their earliest choice, and whose affection has predominated over changes of fortune, and contrariety of opinion. But these instances are memorable, because they are rare. The friendship which is to be practiced or expected by common mortals, must take its rise from mutual pleasure, and must end when the power ceases of delighting each other. Many accidents therefore may happen by which the ardor of kindness will be abated, without criminal baseness or contemptible inconstancy on either part. To give pleasure is not always in our power; and little does he know himself who believes that he can be always able to receive

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