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The Death Penalty Essay

  • Submitted by: bluebonnets
  • on December 24, 2010
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The Death Penalty

Historically, execution has been a significant form of punishment for deviance from
social norms and for criminal behavior. The death penalty has been used for centuries in North America to punish murders, alleged witchcraft and a few other crimes. Ninety-two percent of all known execution in 2006 took place in China, Pakistan, and the United States. ( Schaefer, 2009,p. 175-176).
The death penalty ,servers as little deterrent, if any, to avoid crime. People who commit the most hannious crimes are usually murders or serial killers. There are people are mental ill, or would do what they do no matter the consequence, others are crime of passion, and I believe would happen anyway. If a crime is planned, everyone knows the   possibility of being put to death. Even if there is that possibility, it takes forever to actually get to the chair. People think they will see so many appeals that may be able to get out before they will get to the needle. (The Death Penalty in the United States) The death penalty in the United States has become less poplar due to the high cost and it’s ineffectiveness as a deterrent to lower crime rates. There are many misconceptions and who should be sentenced to death. Wrongful conviction is the leading reasons the death penalty should be reconstructed and in some cases prohibited. (The Death Penalty in the United States)
Before imposing the death penalty, the Justices ruled, lower courts must consider the circumstances of the crime and the character and previous record of the defendant. According to his ruling, execution can be an appropriate sentence so long as it does not involve needless pain or suffering and is not grossly out of proportion to the severity to the crime. (Schaeffer, 2009, p. 176)
Though many citizens are concerned that the alternative to execution, life in prison, is unnecessarily expensive, sentencing a person to death is not cheap. According to a recent analysis, imprisoning a person for a...

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