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The Death Penalty Essay

  • Submitted by: ebn1234
  • on June 16, 2014
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Below is an essay on "The Death Penalty" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Ellen Newton

Professor Jones

English 102

15th June 2014

                                                            The Death Penalty

In this essay   “ The Death Penalty” David Brucks address that the Death Penalty

which is now a new republic regards to whether capital punishment should happen

or not. Brucks states that he believes capital punishment is not good and that Mayor

Edward Koch does not understand this issue.   Bruck uses very helpful tools to help

him address these issues.   His first attempt is to define what Kochs point of view

He claims that Koch’s form of capital punishment does not seem to be working very

well. Bruck’s uses is the example of J.C. Shaws case, so he can show the readers the

proper way of using this tool. (491) He then uses an example that demonstrates that

states are trying to execute criminals who claim to be mentally ill. Then he goes on

to use another great example which intends to demonstrates flaws of the justice

system.   In addition he gives another example saying that the people working in the

prisons are trying to execute people that are innocent. Bruck then continues to

follow up by using a specific example saying that the death penalty seems to be used

arbitrarily. (492) When it gets towards the end of the essay he claims that the death

penalty has become a waste of time and that it seems not to be working the proper

way anymore.   He also claims that support for the death penalty has come from

frustration and rage.   Some people tend to think that an eye for an eye is an effective

means of punishment, but others believe that such means of punishment are not

effective in a modern society. In the United States alone only 33 states are currently

During 1976, when the death penalty was held in the United States there has been

1,325 inmates executed. This number averages out to about 40 inmates that are

executed every year in the United States....

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