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The Death Penalty Essay

  • Submitted by: Whiterabbit13
  • on October 21, 2012
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Argumentative Essay
The Death Penalty Should Be Abolished.

The Death Penalty, otherwise known as Capital Punishment is a wildly controversial issue, it is the legalised taking of a human life as punishment for a capital offence or crime. Liberalist arguments against the Death Penalty include: Potential death of an innocent person, the Death Penalty not being a sufficient deterrent for would-be murderers (also, society’s safety can be assured with more humane practises such as ‘Life Imprisonment without Parole’), waste of tax-payer’s money and the lack of respect for human life that comes with capital punishment.
An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind, vengeance begets vengeance.
The Death Penalty is a cruel and unusual punishment, which we as a race should have long outgrown.

A common liberal complaint is that the Death Penalty as a deterrent for would-be murderers and criminals is ineffective and questionable at best. The FBI’s ‘Crime in the US’ study: ‘Murder Rates in States With and Without the Death Penalty’, found that the murder rates were in fact higher in those states that have the Death Penalty. In 2009, close to 6000,000 murders were committed in the states that did support capital punishment compared to the (average) of 400,000 homicides in states in favour of execution. Looking at statistics from 1990-2009 (Death Penalty Information Centre), murder rates are consistently lower in states opposing execution. It’s unlikely that the threat of capital punishment is even a factor at play in the minds of those who are under the influence of drugs and alcohol, during a moment of passion or rage, are mentally unable to grasp the gravity and/or consequences of their actions or those who are panicked whilst committing another crime (robbery or rape, for example.) We’re able to protect society and help these people without killing them.

                      “A recent New Jersey Police Perspectives Report concludes that the state’s Death...

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