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The Death Penalty Essay

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  • on December 12, 2011
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The Death Penalty: Right or Wrong?
PHI 200 Mind and Machine
Instructor: Kelly Mink
Andrew Harper
November 21, 2011

Many people argue the right and wrong of whether the death penalty should be banned or kept around in many states here is America. This is a fight over whether it is humane to have the right to kill someone for an act of violence they may have committed or whether it is justified to put them to death for what they have done. The “death penalty” is a sentence of punishment by execution or putting a condemned person to death. (Mifflin, 2009) There are many that believe it is in-humane to use the concept “eye for an eye” , meaning if someone is to kill someone, then why must they be punished in the same nature of what they may have committed. Then we have those who think this is justifiable, in that a person who commits a malicious act should bear the weight of the punishment by being put to death for a closure and evenness for what they have done. Both sides clearly have arguments that can be shown to be true but this can be also based off of a feeling that one has for taking the life of a human being. But when looking through my own view, it clearly seems plausible to me that putting someone to death is the more problem solving solution and can be the safest solution to making sure the guilty party will no longer be able to do such another crime. I base my view off what was read throughout the research of the death penalty and its many uses through our vast history. If we take a look at the many debates over death or allowing the guilty to live both sides have strong arguments. Many will have their beliefs about it being wrong and then there are still those, such as me who believe death is the proper solution.
For centuries, the world has been using the means of execution to take care of punishment by means of a person who committed an act of violence, treason, or just a crime. Even just simple crimes as taking an apple, such as back in the...

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