The Death Penality Essay

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The death penalty has been a controversial punishment and deterrent to crime in the United States. The majority of the U.S. population tends to support the death penalty. Although the majority of the population does support the death penalty, the public is starting to sway their opinion due to the increasing numbers of offenders being released based on errors and DNA testing. The public opinion is also swayed based on the belief in crime deterrence and the death penalty. Although many people believe that the death penalty is a deterrent to murder, there is little evidence to support that executions lower murder rates. Most countries worldwide have abolished the death penalty, and it is now looked upon as an international human rights issue. Amnesty International fights for humanitarian standards so that individuals with mental impairments and juveniles cannot be sentenced to death. Despite their recommendations, the U.S. continues to execute offenders with mental illness and juveniles. Countries continue to abolish the death penalty. Since 1985, more than 50 countries have abolished the death penalty. The profile of a death row inmate is a Southern male. Currently, the largest population of inmates on death row is comprised of white males who are intellectually limited and academically deficient, with developmental histories of trauma, family disruption, and substance abuse. In 2008, Texas carried out the highest number of executions of death row inmates. There are several methods of execution including the electric chair, gas chamber, hanging and the firing squad. The most common method of execution is lethal injection. Students should research the pros and cons of the death penalty as mentioned in class such as morality (religious), cost effectiveness, DNA evidence, and deterrent effect. Students must also consider the below questions when writing his or her

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