Pros And Cons Of The Death Of English

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The Death of the English (LOL) 1. Give an account of the ideas introduced and argued for in the Newsweek article The Death of English (LOL). You should focus on both pros and cons in the debate: according to the article what are the negative and positive effects of textese on the English language? (approx. 400 words). The article ‘The Death of the English (LOL)’ written by Lily Huang and published in the British Newspaper The Technologist, is an article with facts on the modern day text messaging situation and how it is both good and bad. The article suggests that Britain alone generates 6 billion messages every month, imagine if we included the whole world. Teachers and authors are just some of the people among the crowd whom are scared that the modernization of technology and texting will make future…show more content…
It is also stated that the language of ‘textese’ as it is called, maybe be just masking dyslexia. Dyslexia is a learning disability where people have difficulty seeing the word and its correct spelling in their head. ‘Textese’ makes it easy for dyslexic people because they don’t have to have all the letters in the word they just have to make sure the other person they are communicating with can understand them and what they are trying to say. These things are clearly the cons of ‘textese’ but in the article there are almost more pros than cons. ‘Textese’ is not as deviant as people think, they make it out to be the biggest first world problem anyone has ever seen but really its only if people are in a real rush that they use it. David Crystal author of ‘Txtng: the Gr8 Db8’ explains that shortening words and changing letters has been around almost forever, since Ancient Egyptians and Shakespeare. The fact that teachers are worried about this generation’s intelligence is also quite absurd. Studies show that the amount of texting we do

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